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Faculty of Biology, Chemistry & Earth Sciences

Physical Chemistry IV: Professor Dr. Anna Schenk

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Date News
04.07.2023 Size-controlled liquid phase synthesis of colloidally stable cobalt oxide nanoparticles
22.06.2023 Children's University 2023
21.06.2023 Publication on the colloidal stability of commercial and biogenic iron oxide nanoparticles
24.04.2023 Inaugual lecture Chair of Physical Chemistry IV
10.02.2023 Workshop on "Patterns and Dynamics of Crystallization" on 6th March 2023
01.02.2023 Fireside chat on "Quality assurance in science communication"
30.01.2023 Interdisciplinary collaboration paper on bacterial magnetosomes published in Small
19.01.2023 Congratulations to Dr. Viktoria Grün!

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