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Physical Chemistry IV: Professor Dr. Anna Schenk

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Date News
01.01.2024 Project on passive motion in minerals within DFG-funded Research Unit BioAntiFatigue
01.01.2024 We welcome our new PhD student Anna Sedlmeir
04.07.2023 Size-controlled liquid phase synthesis of colloidally stable cobalt oxide nanoparticles
22.06.2023 Children's University 2023
21.06.2023 Publication on the colloidal stability of commercial and biogenic iron oxide nanoparticles
24.04.2023 Inaugual lecture Chair of Physical Chemistry IV
10.02.2023 Workshop on "Patterns and Dynamics of Crystallization" on 6th March 2023
01.02.2023 Fireside chat on "Quality assurance in science communication"
30.01.2023 Interdisciplinary collaboration paper on bacterial magnetosomes published in Small
19.01.2023 Congratulations to Dr. Viktoria Grün!
21.12.2022 Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
01.12.2022 Anna Schenk becomes professor of Physical Chemistry IV
13.09.2022 Collaborative publication with the Kato group on confinement-derived 1D cobalt oxide
01.08.2022 Jonas Schwan reveives prestigious scholarship
31.07.2022 Publication on strain-induced self-rolling of electrodeposited mineral films
22.11.2021 Sustainability Prize awarded to Jonas Schwan
15.10.2021 Recent overview articles
20.09.2021 Hydration-induced adaptability of brachiopod shells: results of international collaboration project published in Nature Communications
27.07.2021 New publication in collaboration with the Schüler group on synthetic bacterium rhodospirillum rubrum "magneticum"
05.07.2021 BR alpha Campus Talks: "Seeigel, Schnecke & Co. - Vom Rezeptbuch der Natur zu neuen Energiematerialien"
24.06.2021 Publication on strain-induced self-rolling of basic cobalt carbonate sheets in Chemical Communications
01.06.2021 Welcome to Jonas Schwan
04.05.2021 Anna Schenk was awarded the Heinz Maier-Leibnitz Prize 2021
09.02.2021 New publication on biotemplate-directed mineralization of manganese carbonate together with the Scheibel group
15.01.2021 Lukas Weber starts his M.Sc. thesis
23.10.2020 New paper in collaboration with the Department for Microbiology published in Microbial Cell Factories
15.10.2020 Microfocus SAXS/WAXS setup installed
01.10.2020 Jonas Schwan starts his M.Sc. thesis
08.09.2020 New paper on electrocatalytically active cobalt oxide spherulites published in Crystal Growth & Design
25.07.2020 New publication in Acta Biomaterialia Special Issue on Biomineralization
14.10.2019 New publication in Applied and Environmental Microbiology
26.05.2019 New publication in Research SPJ on ultraporous hollow sponge reaction containers together with Andreas Greiner and Seema Agarwal.
01.05.2019 Crystals & Art
01.05.2019 BIOMIN XV
01.04.2019 Research stay in Japan
04.10.2018 New lecture on Electrochemistry and Battery Technology
15.05.2018 Johannes Kießling starts his PhD
15.01.2018 Viktoria Grün starts her PhD
05.01.2018 Our current topics for Bachelor's projects
01.06.2017 Inaugural lecture of Prof. Anna Schenk on 8th June 2017
27.03.2017 New paper on virus-directed cobalt oxide published in Nanoscale.
15.01.2017 Microsymposium on "Techniques and insights into macromolecular crystallization”
15.01.2017 Symposium on "C7. Structure-Property Relationships in Biological und Bioinspired Hybrid Materials"
01.01.2017 Launch of the research group!

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