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Colloidal Systems: Juniorprofessor Dr. Anna Schenk

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Welcome to Colloidal Systems!

The research activities in the group Colloidal Systems are focused on the development of bio-inspired synthetic routes toward functional materials, in particular transition metal oxides. 

The formation of complex structures is achieved via controlled mineral deposition directed by organic additives and templates in bulk or in confined reaction environments. By combining a range of imaging and scattering techniques, we perform multiscale structural analyses of biogenic and bio-inspired hybrid materials with a particular focus on the nature of nanoscale internal interfaces. In view of potential applications, the synthetically generated nano-, meso-, and microstructures are correlated with the electrocatalytic performance of the materials.

We always have possibilities available to work on one of our scientific topics in the framework of a lab internship, Bachelor's or Master's thesis. If you are interested to carry out a research project in our group, please contact Anna Schenk.

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