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Faculty of Biology, Chemistry & Earth Sciences

Physical Chemistry IV: Professor Dr. Anna Schenk

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Our Research Areas

biogenic and bio-inspired hybrid materials

Structural characterization of biogenic and bio-inspired hybrid materials

Keywords: Biominerals | hierarchical structures | nanoscale interfaces | intracrystalline occlusions | (synchrotron) x-ray small- and wide-angle scattering | electron microscopy ...more 

mesostructured functional materials

Bio-inspired synthetic strategies towards mesostructured functional materials

Keywords: Polymer/inorganic nanocomposites | nanoparticle synthesis | nanostructuring | (bio-) template-directed mineralization| particle-based crystallization mechanisms | transition metal oxides with spinel structure | calcium carbonate ...more

mesostructured transition metal oxides

Structure-property relationships in mesostructured transition metal oxides

Keywords: Electrocatalysis | electrochemical deposition of inorganic materials ...more

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