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Colloidal Systems: Juniorprofessor Dr. Anna Schenk

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Date News
15.10.2021 Recent Overview Articles
20.09.2021 Hydration-induced adaptability of brachiopod shells: results of international collaboration project published in Nature Communications
27.07.2021 New publication in collaboration with the Schüler group on synthetic bacterium rhodospirillum rubrum "magneticum"
05.07.2021 BR alpha Campus Talks: "Seeigel, Schnecke & Co. - Vom Rezeptbuch der Natur zu neuen Energiematerialien"
24.06.2021 Publication on strain-induced self-rolling of basic cobalt carbonate sheets in Chemical Communications
01.06.2021 Welcome to Jonas Schwan
04.05.2021 Anna Schenk was awarded the Heinz Maier-Leibnitz Prize 2021
09.02.2021 New publication on biotemplate-directed mineralization of manganese carbonate together with the Scheibel group
15.01.2021 Lukas Weber starts his M.Sc. thesis

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