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Physical Chemistry IV: Professor Dr. Anna Schenk

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Publication on the colloidal stability of commercial and biogenic iron oxide nanoparticles

21st June 2023

Stability magnetosomes

Our latest collaborative work together with the Chair of Microbiology has been published in the journal Molecules. Big congratulations to our shared first authors Jonas Schwan (PC IV) and Simon Markert (Microbiology)!

For the potential in vitro/in vivo applications of magnetic iron oxide nanoparticles, their stability in different physiological fluids has to be ensured. This important prerequisite includes the preservation of the particles’ stability during the envisaged application and, consequently, their invariance with respect to the transfer from storage conditions to cell culture media or even bodily fluids. Here, we investigate the colloidal stabilities of commercial nano-particles with different coatings as a model system for biogenic iron oxide nanoparticles (magnetosomes) isolated from magnetotactic bacteria. We demonstrate that the stability can be evaluated and quantified by determining the intensity-weighted average of the particle sizes (Z-value) obtained from dynamic light scattering experiments as a simple quality criterion, which can also be used as an indicator for protein corona formation.

Find more information about this research here.

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