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Physical Chemistry IV: Professor Dr. Anna Schenk

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New publication in Acta Biomaterialia Special Issue on Biomineralization

25th July 2020

Our latest research in collaboration with the Department for Microbiology, the Chair for Process Biotechnology and researchers from the Jena University Hospital is now available online as an open access article. This multidisciplinary work will be part of the Special Issue "Biomineralization: From Cells to Biomaterials, associated with the BIOMIN XV: 15th International Symposium on Biomineralization".

Bacterial magnetosomes (MS) are well-defined membrane-enveloped single-domain iron oxide (magnetite) nanoparticles, which are susceptible to genetic and chemical engineering. Additionally, the possibility to manipulate these particles by external magnetic fields facilitates their application in biomedicine and biotechnology, e.g. as magnetic resonance imaging probes or for drug delivery purposes. However, current purification protocols are poorly characterized, thereby hampering standardized and reproducible magnetosome production and thus, reliable testing for in vivo applications. In that context, the establishment of reproducible particle isolation procedures as well as the identification of high quality control parameters and the evaluation of potential cytotoxic effects of purified particles are of major importance. In this study, we characterize a multi-step purification protocol for MS with regard to purity, iron content, size and polydispersity of magnetite particles. In addition, we address potential cytotoxic effects of isolated MS when incubated with mammalian cells. Overall, we provide a detailed overview of the process-structure relationship during the isolation of MS and thus, identify prerequisites for high-yield MS production and their future application in the biomedical and biotechnological field.

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